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Be Legally Right To Have Legal Right(s)

  • By Priya
  • May 20, 2022

In my 2 decades plus of experience as a lawyer with experience globally, I have encountered myriad, simple to complex, legal issues related to a wide range of subject matters. The primary objective of handling and resolving these issues is to provide the right direction to our clients. The better prepared we are, the better the chances of a favorable outcome.

Sometimes quite a few issues could have been avoided or avoidable if proper preparedness, awareness, and attention were applied. In most cases, an analysis of the legal missteps reveals the lack of authoritative pre-consultations. The issues are dealt with by osmosis and without application of mind and law. This proves expensive to the corporate in terms of time, money, resources, and energy.

Currently, regardless of the size and health of a company legal issues pervade in most day-to-day transactions – whether it’s a company formation, compliance, employment, protecting IPRs, contractual management, taxation, merger & acquisitions, or handling litigation, comprehensive and effective legal advice is needed the most.

The priority today is for business owners, stakeholders, and Heads of Departments (HODs) to understand the genesis of the issue, how to address it, and which legal specialist to approach. There is a serious implication for the company if the legal framework and regulations are not complied with, leading to serious problems for the company, irrespective of its size.

Legal support, therefore, is not a luxury but a necessity. When a situation of a certain issue turns more complex than expected, where the expertise to handle and resolve it is limited, it makes business sense to consider proper legal advice.

Business owners, Stakeholders, and HOD’s must be aware of the fundamental legal issues they may encounter in routine operations and how to deal with them effectively. During the ensuing weeks, we will be posting many such legal issues that are very delicate and critical. These issues cannot be taken lightly and require guidance concerning compliance and following procedures and resolutions.

We are starting the series with important provisions in Employment and Labour Laws.

Follow us to know more and to keep yourself abreast of the happenings in the Employment and Labour Laws sector and other relevant topics.

Priya Iyengar


4 thoughts on “Be Legally Right To Have Legal Right(s)”

  1. You’ve touched upon an important topic of legal compliance. In my experience as DEI consultant, I’ve observed, legal compliance is taken as a luxury and not a “must have”. One error can lead to huge costs. Looking forward to more information from your end.

  2. Insightful post Priya Iyengar! As an Entrepreneur, I can appreciate the necessity of accurate and timely legal advice! The general perception is that “Legal issues happen only to others and not us” – a common thought process which I too had subscribed until I understood the necessity of legal advice when establishing my own start up.!

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