Priya Iyengar is a Corporate Lawyer and Arbitrator with over twenty-five years of deep and varied cross-industry experience. Priya’s diverse professional background extends from Corporate, Insolvency and Bankruptcy law, to Labor and Employment and ADR specialization. She handled a wide variety of cases, including workplace disputes, corporate, insurance, property, insolvency & bankruptcy issues, medical injuries, and other disputes. She has closed many cases successfully in Aerospace, Telecom, Corporate Governance, Mergers & Acquisitions, IPR, International Business laws sectors.

Priya focuses her ADR expertise on the effective and efficient resolution of complex disputes. Her experience and expertise in ADR  enabled her to understand the conflict at the grass root level and to resolve it efficiently. She is multi-lingual and her proficiency in languages, ability to connect with operational resources and C-Suite with equal prowess has helped resolve wide-ranging disputes. She efficiently handled and resolved over a hundred cases through Mediation, Reconciliation, and Arbitration over the period of a decade within India and the USA.

Priya, besides being a busy attorney, is a passionate teacher. She is a visiting faculty in NALSAR, Symbiosis, and many other B- Schools. Her subject matter expertise in Corporate Governance, IR & HR, International Business, International Arbitration, and Aviation laws blended well with legal practice which enriched her teaching skills. She is a part of the legislation review drafting committee and team member of CADL at NALSAR. She has been recently on-boarded in T-Hub as a Chief Mentor to Lab32 Cohort and as a Jury Member of the selection panel.

She is the founder of the Niskrti Foundation – A Trust which focuses on rural community development programs for women, children, and families and offers free legal aid for the underprivileged women, children, and families.

Priya Iyengar’s Indian and US educational background gave her an insight into the legal challenges in international commerce and trade and laid out a path to sustain a global legal career.

Priya Iyengar
Priya Iyengar
Founder CEO
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