Kautilya is a dynamic and multi-talented lawyer with a strong background in engineering and law. With a passion for both technical and legal fields, Kautilya has cultivated a diverse skill set that sets him apart in the legal profession.
Having completed his B.Tech in Engineering from SRM University, Kautilya went on to pursue his MS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from San Francisco State University (SFSU). After completing his master’s degree, Kautilya returned to India and furthered his academic journey by obtaining a law degree. His decision to combine engineering and law stems from a desire to bridge the gap between the technical and legal aspects of business and technology. Equipped with a solid foundation in engineering principles, Kautilya brings a unique perspective to the legal arena, enabling him to approach complex legal matters with analytical thinking and a keen eye for detail.
Kautilya with his techno-legal background advises the clients and represents in IPR, Data Privacy, Cyber Laws, and Data protection.

Kautilya Kukunoor
Kautilya Kukunoor
Junior Associate
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